Enlarge body Extra wide plane

The faucet is made of high-purity national standard 59-1A brass ingots as raw materials.
The extra-wide plane can be used as a shelf to increase storage space.

pure, perfect

It is a work of ingenuity with a minimalist style. High-grade materials, simple beauty
and state-of-the-art technology in one faucet to complement your bathroom
A bit of an enviable temperament.

New Product

Simple architectural style, simple product design, simple life, and leisurely pace are often our true pursuits, and the charm cannot be resisted.


Minimalist ergonomics Easy to operate and easy to use, using ergonomic quality, technology and design quality to bring you personalized high quality.

Shower set

The four-control button can freely switch the water mode, and the four-speed spray can change freely, relax the body and mind, and wake up the skin.


BOX responds to one hundred,
Various solutions for dark wall faucets.

Basin Faucet

Exceptional design in matte black. Bathrooms are not about tomorrow’s trends, but their own. Customers who love personalization will appreciate our leading products in the world of avant-garde fashion.

Kitchen Faucet

It creates a perfect kitchen and a good helper, a modern design suitable for installation anywhere. The details show the sense of function and make cooking enjoyable.

Bathroom Accessories

Details are crucial to the design. After carefully selecting all your bathroom fixtures, you should also choose a variety of bathroom accessories, as with any meticulous design planning, the smallest details matter.